About Me

Massage Education and Affiliations

  • National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • Association of Bodywork and Massage Practitioners
  • doTerra AromaTouch Technique
  • Greenfield Community College
  • New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts
  • Scherere Institute
  • Freedom from Pain Institute
  • International Thai Yoga Massage
  • David Palmer Chair Massage

Places I Studied Yoga

  • Green River Yoga
  • University of Massachusetts
  • Karuna Yoga Center
  • Amherst Yoga Center
  • Kripalu Center

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I'm a registered and certified massage therapist working in Alamosa, Colorado. I also teach yoga in the San Luis Valley area, you can find the schedule at http://valley-yoga.info/. Alamosa is located in Colorado in a georgeous valley surrounded by mountains. The Sangre de Cristo mountains are to the east and the San Juan mountains are to the west.

Massage for Health :

  1. Increases circulation.
  2. Increases relaxation .
  3. Reduces stress.
  4. Takes the body/mind from fight or flight to rest and relax.
  5. Can shorten healing time following an injury.
doTerra AromaTouch Technique, Certified

I am continuously studying various forms and styles of bodywork. Most recently I became a Certified Myoskeletal Therapist, Lower Body Specialist and Posture & Pain. I consider this a deep tissue modality, it focuses on creating length and space.

Deep Tissue and MyoFascial massage are used to increase range of motion, muscle length and release binding.

Hot Stone Massage - Hot stone is the ultimate in relaxation. Long broad strokes with heated and cooled stones melt stress away leaving a meditative mind.
Chair Massage - Chair massage is excellent for people on the go or stuck at a desk. With the chair the sessions are shorter, up to a half hour, and is excellent for loosening tight hips, backs and shoulders.
Vibration Meditation - Gong Guided Meditation - Offered once a month as a group or added to any massage service. Creates a soothing meditative state where healing can take place.